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Where to buy original art in Miami, Florida? Did you get that question when you’re doing a remodeling in your home decor or you are just an art collector that loves latin abstract art? Well… at Laelanie Art Gallery we have the best original oil paintings by Miami artist Laelanie Larach. Her abstract art has a unique and peculiar style, her fusion of bold bright colors pops out of the canvas inspired by her natural surroundings,sunsets,sailboats and other coastal vibes. Also her Buddha painting “Inner Peace” is a one of a kind masterpiece it was a hit sensation during her art exhibition in Art Basel Miami.

Blue abstract art, turkish eye painting.

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Blue Abstract Painting 

“Blue Cosmic Energy” is her latest abstract painting and it was finished one day before the year 2018 ends. The painting has a lot of meaning that goes around in circles, each circle flows inside the painting around an eye… the blue evil eye of good luck! Come visit our art gallery to see her latest art collection and the painting “Blue Cosmic Energy”

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