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Laelanie Larach was born in Honduras, a beautiful country in Central America with coasts on the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The country has three major and dramatic large regions. To the east are the tropical Caribbean lands with jungles, lagoons, mountains, sandy beaches and islands of the Mosquito Coast. Also in the center of the country is a large interior hill the Sierra Madre Mountains, crossed by a number of rivers, each with its own beauty and character.

It was this beautiful combination of mountains, tropical forests, and sandy beaches that inspired Laelanie at a young age to begin experimenting with her artistic expression. In her earliest works she used pastels, watercolors, and charcoal after winning art contests in school, which inspired her to expand her work into the medium of oil on canvas.

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Laelanie’s inspiration comes from different sources, it could be the open spaces, a sea breeze, or a profound silence that carries different levels of consciousness with a limitless reality — all is transferred onto a canvas and done for the love of art.

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The artist has a successful art gallery in Doral, Florida. Laelanie Art Gallery is located at 10530 NW 26th Street, Suite F104 in Miami, Florida 33172. Visitors will be immersed in a creative environment, experiencing Laelanie’s unique paintings and style. Her signature works use vibrant colors, textures, and concepts — each piece is one-of-a-kind
Throughout her body of work one can see recurring themes drawn from her early experiences in Honduras, including aspects of her inner thoughts and emotions. She has said that she feels truly alive and in tune with nature when she is painting. Her work spans various schools of art, from the abstract to detailed realism.

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Her extraordinary talent has been recognized by her peers in the art world, Laelanie has been invited to participate in numerous exhibits to display her work. She has exhibited work in her native country of Honduras, various shows and galleries in New York City, and at art fairs during Miami’s prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach Week each year in December.

Learn more about this fascinating artist at, visit her art gallery in Miami, Florida or shop her collections online at Tell Laelanie about your favorite painting or just say hello. Whether you’ve got a big idea or need some inspiration with a commissioned painting, the artist is available to create the perfect artwork. From sketch to creation, Laelanie Larach will certainly inspire you!

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