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The best original art sale in Miami is only available for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery! You need to come and check the new chess paintings with cool designs and hot colors! The series is one of the best chess paintings in Florida by Miami artist Laelanie Larach! Each groovy painting has there own design inspired by a chess board and abstract pawns.

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Are you looking to buy art in Miami? Come see our new colorful paintings with exotic designs, each painting is hand painted with oils on thick canvas. You can also buy the best art in Miami through our online art shop.

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Art Sale of Colorful Wall Art

Are you still in wynwood looking for that special oil painting? You are in the wrong place! …. The best art in Miami is only available at Laelanie Art Gallery! A groovy gallery with the coolest paintings for upscale modern interiors.

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Flower Paintings 

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This amazing flower painting is very surreal with bold colors and huge petals! If you love flowers this painting is just perfect for your home decoration! Is a cool modern painting for any interior!

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