When I create a painting I love to use bright bold colors.  Doing so gives me a sense of warm and positive energy which I hope will provide the same effect to those who study the completed work.

One of the primary colors I often use is blue, in various shades and gradients, depending on the subject being portrayed.  Blue is particularly useful, along with white, in creating nautical scenes – boats on the ocean, for example.  The dynamics of wind and waves are always variable, from a calm and tranquil sea to a storm ravaged ocean.  All of these ocean moods can be captured and expressed through the use of shades of blue and white with other colors as needed.

Another primary color I love to use is red.  Just using the color red, in its various shades, can add a warm and vibrant feeling of energy to the subject of the painting, both for me as the artist and for the viewer as well.

I invite you to examine the artwork I have produced and placed on display in my online gallery.I think you will find a variety of works with bold, bright, and energetic colors that could enhance your own home or office and be a lasting investment that would increase in value for you over time.