Trendy Colors to Decor

Trendy Colors to Decor Decor with Bold Colors  Trendy colors for 2018 are bold bright colors, purple,green,yellow! Using coloful paintings makes a bedroom looks super cozy and brighter... colors are great to use them as therapy to uplift your moods. Trendy Hot Colors  Purple and blue colors are [...]

Modern Decor and Trendy Art by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Modern Decor and Trendy Abstract Art  Original Latin Fine Art in Miami A splash of colors is perfect for your modern home decor! A super cool collection of colorful paintings in your bedroom or any space inside your home will create a positive impact. Modern Bedroom Decor  The [...]

Trending Colors in 2018

Colors that will be Trending in 2018  Yellow, Purple and Blue are the Colors for your Interior Decor  The trend will include intense colors, instead of soft pastels! Finally is like music to my ears to all the bold colors lovers! Intense colors are fun to use on a home decor, specially [...]