Hey Another Butterfly Painting for Sale

Hey Another Butterfly Painting for Sale Tropical Butterfly  Modern Painting of Butterflies My new painting "Tropical Butterfly" is one of my favorite butterfly paintings at my art gallery, the colors used in the painting are bold orange with red and if you get a little bit closer to the painting... you [...]

Smooth Abstract Art

Smooth Abstract Art Online Modern Abstract Art  Colorful Abstract Art  Laelanie Art Gallery  A smooth abstract art of palm trees under a green forest of trees and magical flowers. This unique abstract painting is name "Palmeras Tropicales" it means "Tropical Palm Trees" and is available for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery. [...]

Have You Seen This Cool Modern Art

Have You Seen This Cool Modern Art Modern Art Miami Florida Modern Art at Laelanie Art Gallery Art by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Have you seen this type of Modern Art in Miami? Wow! You need to check the modern paintings of the famous and talented Miami based artist Laelanie [...]

Art Gallery in Miami

Art in Miami  Online Art Gallery Miami Modern Art Gallery Miami Laelanie Art Gallery  Are you exhausted trying to find to best modern painting to decor your home? Well... we have the best paintings in Miami Florida! Our abstract art collection is very modern and colorful with different themes inspired by [...]

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