The Perfect Coastal Art

The Perfect Coastal Art Breathe Ocean Vibes Coastal Art Online  Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach  Just a perfect coastal painting will uplift your decor inside your home. Our coastal paintings are very exclusive and unique at Laelanie Art Gallery, with blue ocean waves sailing inside the canvas under a magical night [...]

Bright Colors and Miami Decor

We who live in Miami love the bright energy that permeates the multicultural metropolitan area.  I have tried to capture that energy with the bright and varied colors and gradients that characterize my artwork. First, color theory is actually a science.  There are many different moods and emotions that colors can create and evoke. [...]

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Nautical Paintings For Your Home Decor

Add the perfect finishing touch to your seashore or island-themed room with nautical original artwork available at my online gallery. Inspired by the sea and colorful sailboats that represents the beautiful tropical vibrance of Honduras and the unique vibe of Miami. I created a unique collection of nautical original paintings with bright colors and designs. [...]

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