Are you looking for Latin Art in Miami?

Are you Looking for Latin Art in Miami? Original Latin Art by Miami Artist Larach  Decor your Home with Abstract Art You just move into your new home and you are looking to buy unique original abstract paintings to decor your beautiful walls... Our art gallery located in Miami [...]

Latin American Fine Art in Miami

Latin American Fine Art  Original Latin Art for your Home Decor  Our collection of Latin American Art is colorful and unique, inspired by the tropical forest of Honduras and memories of the artist. Each painting is one of a kind made with the finest oils in the art industry. Abstract [...]

Art Basel Miami 2017 Exhibition at Spectrum Miami of Laelanie Larach

Art Basel 2017 Spectrum Miami Art Show in Miami Solo art exhibit of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach at Spectrum Miami 2017. Best art show in Miami for Art Basel week! Exclusive solo art exhibit of colorful abstract paintings will be available at Spectrum Miami 2017! The collection is limited [...]