Colorful Paintings for Modern Interiors

Groovy Colorful Paintings  Fine Art for Modern Interiors  Hot Colorful Paintings at Laelanie Art Gallery  Laelanie Art Gallery sells the best colorful paintings with hot trendy designs inspired by flowers,sailboats,sunsets,pink flamingo and many more beautiful landscapes of Florida and Central America. If you are looking to buy original art online, this [...]

Choosing the Perfect Painting

Choosing the Perfect Painting Abstract Art for Sale Laelanie Art Gallery  Buy your Favorite Painting Unique Fine Art in Miami Is always fun to decor your home with unique colorful paintings that will bring good energy inside the room! The oil paintings of Laelanie Larach are super exotic with wild bold [...]

I Just Love Bold Colors

Sexy Bold Colors Art on Canvas Hot Colors  I just love hot,bold colors when i'm painting.... i use it as therapy that helps me relax and express my emotions through the canvas. Blue is one of my favorite colors when i'm painting it really brings me peace! Blue [...]

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