Sailing in Miami New Abstract Art

Colorful Abstract Art New Nautical Painting  Sailing in Miami Art Original Oil Painting by Laelanie Larach Exclusive abstract art by Miami artist Laelanie Larach, a unique nautical painting title "Sailing in Miami" it shows an abstract blue palm tree emerge in a fantasy of colors. A blue sailboat is sailing [...]

Purple and Pink Trendy Colors

New Abstract Paintings Pink and Purple Colors  Decor your home with pink and purple colors that will uplift your mood! The new collection of abstract paintings by the Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, has those bright and bold chic colors. Chic Abstract Painting "Lucky Eye" is the [...]

New Abstract Paintings for Sale at Laelanie Art Gallery

New Abstract Paintings for Sale Original Fine Art by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Custom Portraits  Beautiful Commisioned Portraits  Beautiful custom portraits for your home decor available at Laelanie Art Gallery. Each painting is original and hand painted by the artist, we offer custom fine art using any size [...]

New Art Gallery Near You! We Just Open in Miami,Florida

Art Gallery Near You! Recently Open in Miami, Florida Super Cool Art Gallery of Abstract Art Laelanie Art Gallery just open to the public! We have the best collection of abstract paintings and colorful latin art in Miami. Hand painted artwork by Miami artist Laelanie Larach. Her paintings are [...]

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New Super Cool Abstract Art by Laelanie Larach

Super Cool Abstract Art by Laelanie Larach Art Gallery of Original Paintings You will love the recent abstract artwork of Miami artist Laelanie Larach! Her new painting shows a mystique eye in the middle of the ocean surrounded by huge ocean waves and bold colors with super cool light effects. Windows to [...]

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Art Basel Miami is Here

Art Basel Miami 2017 Spectrum Miami Art Fair Solo Art Exhibit of Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach  Art Basel Miami 2017 Art Show SAVE THE DATE! Come join me for my upcoming art exhibit at Spectrum Miami. December 6-10,2017 Booth:S1003 1700 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132, United States [...]

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Abstract Paintings for Sale by Honduran Artist Laelanie Larach

Abstract Paintings for Sale in Miami   Original Fine Art by Laelanie Larach Unique colorful abstract paintings for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery by the artist Laelanie Larach. Check out the latest new arrivals of her abstract artwork with colorful bold colors and unique designs! Pink Abstract Painting "Sunrise 36"  [...]

Original Oil Paintings by Laelanie Larach.

Original Oil Paintings Miami Fine Art Inspired by Colors -Fine Art  Since little i love painting with oils, the technique is easy to use that allows me to blend gradients in my artwork. A unique collection of original oil paintings decors the walls in my home back in Honduras. Those paintings are my first oil [...]

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Laelanie Does Blogs

ART BLOGS Welcome to the blog site. Enjoy all the stories related in the art industry ! I really enjoy talking about the different art styles that inspired me to be an artist. Long time ago an amazing artist inspired me to paint ..."Bob Ross" his art videos open my artistic vision to develop different techniques. [...]

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Commissioning a Unique Portrait Painting

Aportrait will last forever, years after the family photos have long since faded. Regardless of the degree of complexity of the painting you commission, Laelanie Larach always strives to create an exclusive quality portrait paintings of the highest standards. A portrait painting is a collaboration between the client and artist,And the first step is to establish a [...]

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