Cool Miami Artist

Cool Miami Artist Florida Artists Miami Artist Laelanie Larach  Blue Betta Fish Art Coastal Art for Sale Blue Betta Fish is a unique cool painting with bright coastal colors inspired by the latin beats of Miami Beach and the beauty of our oceans. The painting is available for sale at our [...]

Hottest Spot to Buy Art in Doral Miami

Hottest Spot to Buy Art in Doral Miami Original Art for Sale  Art Gallery in Doral  The best place in Doral Florida to buy original oil paintings is Laelanie Art Gallery. The city place of Doral is a small and modern place with a lot of latin culture that loves the [...]

Funky Paintings for Sale

Funky Paintings for Sale Online Exotic Paintings  Colorful Funky Paintings Everyone loves the funky paintings of the artist Laelanie Larach, this hot funky paintings are so cool with abstract sailboats, flowers, and many more artsy designs. If you are looking for unique online funky paintings... come stop by our art gallery [...]