The Impact of Colorful Paintings

Impact of Colorful Paintings  Female Miami Artist Laelanie Larach  Original Colorful Paintings  The impact of colorful paintings in our surroundings is very powerful, colors plays a big role on our imagination, thoughts and many emotional aspects. A colorful painting will make a room brighter and happier with beautiful colors, forget [...]

Colorful Paintings for Modern Interiors

Groovy Colorful Paintings  Fine Art for Modern Interiors  Hot Colorful Paintings at Laelanie Art Gallery  Laelanie Art Gallery sells the best colorful paintings with hot trendy designs inspired by flowers,sailboats,sunsets,pink flamingo and many more beautiful landscapes of Florida and Central America. If you are looking to buy original art online, this [...]

Go Colorful with Groovy Paintings

Groovy Paintings Colorful Art for Sale  Bright Colorful Art  Buy Art Online at Laelanie Art Gallery  The groovy paintings and the coolest art online are only available at Laelanie Art Gallery! We only sell the abstract art of Miami artist Laelanie Larach, her signature art style is inspired on energies and [...]

Modern Colorful Paintings at Laelanie Art Gallery

Colorful Paintings for Sale  Colorful Arts at Laelanie Art Gallery Abstract Arts for Modern Interiors Top Art Gallery of Fine Arts The best colorful paintings in Miami are available at Laelanie Art Gallery located in the area of Doral. The artist behind each colorful painting is Laelanie Larach, with her tropical [...]

Colorful Paintings by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach

New Colorful Paintings  Laelanie Art Gallery Abstract Orange Painting Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach The painting has drastic contrasts with orange and reds! In the center of the colorful painting a blue eye pops out... a symbol of good luck and positive vibes! The design is very arabic... it shows the [...]

Artist in Miami Florida Laelanie Larach

Artist in Miami Laelanie Larach  Abstract Art for Sale in Miami Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Art for Sale of Original Artwork  Laelanie Larach is one of the artists in Miami that sells original oil paintings with an Honduran colorful style combined with a fusion of different styles. Her abstract paintings [...]

Colorful Paintings for Sale at Laelanie Art Gallery

Colorful Paintings for Sale  Original Oil Paintings by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach  Colorful Abstract Red Painting Laelanie Art Gallery  Are you looking to remodel your new home with colorful paintings? Laelanie Art Gallery sells the best colorful abstract paintings and modern latin american arts to make your interiors a masterpiece! [...]

Honduran Art in Miami for Sale

Honduran Art in Miami for Sale  Latin American Art  Art for Sale in Miami  Unique Honduran Art for your Collection Laelanie Art Gallery we sell the best Honduran art in Miami by the artist Laelanie Larach. Her oil paintings reflects the love for the ocean,nature,flowers and other tropical styles that brings [...]

Tropical Colors in Miami

Tropical Colors in Miami Original Art for Sale Paintings by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach  Exotic Latin American Art  Collection of Unique Oil Paintings  The unique art collection of Miami artist Laelanie Larach is super colorful and tropical with exotic abstract themes! Red,orange and deep navy blue are the trends in her [...]

Art Miami and Modern Decor

Art Miami Abstract Art for Sale  Original Latin fine art and Abstract Art by Miami absed artist Laelanie Larach. The colorful paintings in the living room looks amazing! They sure brings the best in the space and makes an impact in the modern decor. Latin Fine Art  The abstract [...]