New Art Collection of Nautical Wall Art

New Art Collection of Nautical Wall Art Art for Sale Colorful Coastal Art  Original Oil Paintings for Sale The new coastal art collection at Laelanie Art Gallery is super colorful with abstract sailboats,ocean waves and other lovely nautical styles just perfect for your home decor. Decor [...]

Ceo and Owner of Laelanie Art Gallery

CEO and Owner of Laelanie Art Gallery  Gallery Owner Laelanie Larach Gallery of Modern Latin American Art  Laelanie Art Gallery  Laelanie Larach is the CEO/Owner of Laelanie Art Gallery located in the area of Miami Florida. The art gallery sells original modern abstract art with a coastal style inspired by the [...]

Trendy Paintings in Miami

Trendy Paintings in Miami Latin American Art Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach 2019 Color Trends Miami Exotic Colorful Paintings  Sunsets,blue oceans and exotic bold colors is the signature art style of Miami artist Laelanie Larach! Her oil paintings reflects the love for her latin culture, a main inspiration inside her artwork. [...]

Pink Abstract Art Collection

Gallery of Abstract Art in Miami Trendy Latin Honduran Art for Sale New Original Oil Paintings Our new collection of original abstract paintings is available at Laelanie Art Gallery, one of the best art galleries located in Miami. The collection of the Honduran artist Laelanie Larach is inspired by [...]

New Abstract Painting Mariposa Magica at Laelanie Art Gallery

New Abstract Painting Mariposa Magica Art for Sale at Laelanie Art Gallery  Latin Art Miami  Unique latin painting of an abstract butterfly title "Mariposa Magica" the painting represents freedom in our soul, a lovely turquoise butterfly flying around a pink sky surrounded by purple waves that makes it super [...]

Super Cool Abstract Paintings in Miami

Super Cool Abstract Paintings in Miami Original Oil Paintings at Laelanie Art Gallery Exclusive Art Gallery in Miami Contemporary Paintings with Style Exclusive collection of contemporary paintings and abstract art are available at Laelanie Art Gallery! This super cool paintings are hand painted by the [...]

Abstract Art for Sale in Miami

Abstract Art for Sale Miami  Abstract Art by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach  Original abstract art for sale by Miami artist Laelanie Larach, her abstract paintings are rich in colors representing her love for the latin culture and past memories from her childhood. Her abstract artwork can be combined on any interior design [...]

Home Decor Ideas with Bright Colors

Home Decor Ideas with Bright Colors Decor Your Home With Style Decor your home with a smart and modern style using the abstract artwork of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach! Her abstract paintings goes with any contemporary home decor. Modern Decor  The abstract fine art of Larach looks [...]

Purple the Trendy Color for 2018

Purple the Trendy Color for 2018 Purple is the coolest color for your decor! The pantone color for this year goes with the color purple! Is a super mysterious and is around the cosmos as a form of positive energy in your space. Also blue based purples are elegant, modern [...]

Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach and Dreams

Miami Based Artist  My Story in the Art Industry I was born in Honduras located in Central America. At a young age i created drawings with charcoal or crayons that is when i realize my love for art will be forever. My childhood in school was a little bit lonely... [...]