Cool Paintings in Florida by Laelanie Larach

Cool Paintings in Florida Hot Paintings for Sale Original Paintings Online for Sale Buy online your favorite original cool paintings of Miami based artist Laelanie Larcah only available for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery, the best art gallery in Florida of original oil paintings with trendy tropical colors. [...]

Groovy Paintings

Groovy Paintings Original Colorful Art  Colorful Groovy Paintings Laelanie Art Gallery  The groovy paintings of the artist Laelanie Larach are super colorful with a fusion of sunsets,sailboats,flowers,butterflies and even chess boards! Her inspiration comes from different sources like a day at the beach or just a simple thought that reminds her [...]

Artist in Miami Florida Laelanie Larach

Artist in Miami Laelanie Larach  Abstract Art for Sale in Miami Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Art for Sale of Original Artwork  Laelanie Larach is one of the artists in Miami that sells original oil paintings with an Honduran colorful style combined with a fusion of different styles. Her abstract paintings [...]

Buy Online Abstract Paintings

Buy Online your Favorite Abstract Paintings Decor your Home with Hot Abstract Paintings Check this Cool New Paintings Hey there! Are you tired of searching online for unique abstract paintings for your new home decoration? Now you can buy online your favorite abstract paintings at our online art shop, we have [...]

Hot Colors with Miami Artist Laelanie Larach

Hot Colors with Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Modern Paintings for Sale Art Gallery of Hot Colorful Paintings Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach A unique art collection of original abstract art for your home decor. The paintings are 100% hand painted with the finest oils by the sexy Miami artist Laelanie Larach. [...]

Guitar Art for Sale

Guitar Art for Sale  Latin American Art in Miami Colorful Wall Art  Abstract Guitar Painting for Sale  "Leaving with my Guitar" is a unique guitar painting by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach available at Laelanie Art Gallery. The artwork shows an abstract red guitar that vanish in a turquoise background of [...]

My Inspiration Behind the Canvas

My Inspiration inside the Canvas Modern Abstract Art Miami  Art is my Passion Art will always be my passion! I been painting abstract paintings at a young age with different types of oils and techniques, right now i'm using a lot of bold bright colors in my latest art period. Is [...]

Miami Artist Laelanie Larach and Colors

Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Art Sale Miami Top Latin American Art  Famous Miami Artist  Abstract Art I feel alive when im using radiant colors in my abstract oil paintings. Each original painting represents the love for latin culture using tropical concepts,sunsets and vibrant colors in the paintings. My other source of [...]

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