Original Colorful Abstract Painting

Original Colorful Abstract Painting Owner of a Lonely Heart Abstract Art  Online Abstract Art at Laelanie Art Gallery  This gorgeous abstract painting is title "Owner of a lonely heart" a unique abstract painting with a different design from other modern paintings inside the art gallery. It shows a lot of mixed [...]

Guitar Art for Sale

Guitar Art for Sale  Latin American Art in Miami Colorful Wall Art  Abstract Guitar Painting for Sale  "Leaving with my Guitar" is a unique guitar painting by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach available at Laelanie Art Gallery. The artwork shows an abstract red guitar that vanish in a turquoise background of [...]

I love Bold Colors

I Love Bold Colors Latin American Art  Cuadros Coloridos Ocean Art Miami Artsy Style When i'm holding a canvas my imagination goes crazy! I love bright happy colors it helps me to uplift my mood and makes my day colorful... working with bright colors is amazing... it gives me inner peace. [...]

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