Pink Flamingo Art by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach 

Pop Art Flamingo Painting

pink flamingo art miami artist laelanie larach

Under the Sea Collection

New Flamingo Painting for Sale

A pink flamingo pops out of the painting with hot fierce colors and big white feathers hand painted with oils! The artwork has a very exotic background with purple,blue,turquoise and pink blending with happy golden swirls! Flamingos are very popular in Miami is one of the rare and exotic birds in Florida, a very mystique creature and beautiful to watch it in the beach.

latin american art modern painting by miami based artist laelanie larach pink flamingo.

New Oil Painting at Laelanie Art Gallery

Unique Original Art for Sale 

A lovely chic pink flamingo is my inspiration for this exclusive pop art painting for the art collection “Under the Sea”!! The flamingo is emerge under a magical kingdom of purple and magenta ocean waves with round purple gardens flying around the blue sky that falls in a cascade of dreams and happy thoughts. Is the first time i’m doing a pink flamingo…so the artwork is super exclusive and one of a kind!