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Palm Tree Painting by Laelanie Larach

New Colorful Palm Tree Painting

Laelanie Art Gallery 

Are you looking for a nice colorful palm tree painting? We have a beautiful colorful palm tree painting name “Sailboats and Palm Trees” is a recent abstract painting of the talented Miami artist Laelanie Larach. Inside this gorgeous tropical painting you will find palm trees and three sailboats sailing around the magical blue ocean of dreams and emotions. Far away a group of colorful palm trees dance with the beat of Miami Beach under a sunny day near the hot beach…. is a lovely coastal tropical painting to have it inside your collection of modern tropical art.

palm tree painting by miami artist laelanie larach and abstract art online

Tropical Island of Palm Trees

Happy Palm Trees Painting

The waves moves along the blue magical beach in Miami, the beautiful sailboats they are sailing together looking at the palm trees around the horizon. This cool painting has a very unique technique of circles, squares and different brush strokes… it creates a smooth movement inside the abstract palm tree painting. You can get the original oil painting at our online art gallery or come visit Laelanie Art Gallery to see this amazing painting of Sailboats and Palm Trees.

palm tree painting and abstract modern art online by laelanie larach in miami florida
palm tree painting by laelanie larach

Cool Palm Tree Paintings 

Beach Art for Sale

Which is your favorite beach art? Send us an email of your favorite tropical beach painting from the recent art collection “Tropical Escape Paradise” a unique collection of coastal paintings of palm trees ,sailboats and huge ocean waves.

Art is so important in my life,it has a huge impact on my soul cause it’s a powerful form of expression and it allows me to convey or demonstrate deeply-held feelings; it opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in my abstract paintings.

A certificate is provided with all the paintings I create. It states the following:

– The painting’s name and dimensions
– The artist’s name (myself) and the fact that it is hand-made
– The media used
– My signature and Year

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