Original Oil Paintings

Miami Fine Art

Inspired by Colors -Fine Art 

Since little i love painting with oils, the technique is easy to use that allows me to blend gradients in my artwork. A unique collection of original oil paintings decors the walls in my home back in Honduras. Those paintings are my first oil paintings i did when i was 15 years old of age, the concept is very different from the oil paintings im doing right now in my actual art collection… in the picture you can appreciate a surreal concept of a mystique mask covered with green leafs and trees that makes a unique composition in the painting, also under the mask a pair of blue eyes makes her pretty and mystique clouds coming down from the sky surrounds a tree that is upside down with green strong colors that match her mask,style and thoughts in her dreams… the oils makes the concept smooth with brown soft tones.

But in Miami my paintings change completely the colors are bold and bright bringing that positive vibe on each fine art. Also Honduras is my country of origin that brings me super nice memories of my childhood that on each painting it pops latin bright colors that blends with all my thoughts. In Miami the area is different with a lot of cultures that inspires me to paint each fine art different with bright colors that created a transition of techniques in my new fine art collection of oil paintings. The artwork is available online for sale at www.laelanielarach.com



Art by Laelanie Larach


Abstract Oil Painting by Laelanie Larach

Contemporary Abstract Fine Art