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Are you a chess player or just love to play a nice chess game? We have the perfect chess paintings for you! At our art gallery we have an exclusive collection of chess paintings, with bright happy colors and hand painted with the finest oils! The artwork is 100% original and is the first chess paintings the talented Miami based artist creates at her studio located in Miami Florida.

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Abstract Chess Artwork

The king is one of the recent chess paintings and the color combination is very pop with a fusion of an abstract art style. The art style is very different in this colorful paintings, pin,purple and magenta are the colors that pops out on each original painting. Also you can get this beautiful chess paintings at our online art shop and the shipping is completely free inside the States.

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We also have one of the biggest pieces in the history of a chess game, the queen… is also part of the mini chess paintings that are available at Laelanie Art Gallery. The queen is hand painted in blue with a colorful background in pink, magenta and many more wild color combinations. The chess paintings are super affordable and it goes perfectly on any wall! For all those chess lovers…. we have the best chess paintings online!

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