Butterfly Painting

Original Abstract Painting by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach 

Original Butterfly Art, Butterfly Painting by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, Colorful abstract art for sale in Miami. Gallery of abstract paintings online.

Original colorful painting title “Magical Butterfly” hand painted with the finest oils. A beautiful abstract butterfly spread her wings in a colorful background of magical thoughts. In the corner a black flower with huge petals emerge from the canvas with swirls in a world of fantasy. I love the concept is very different from other abstract paintings in my collection. This time i went crazy with the colors and having fun while i was painting!

Butterfly painting by Miami artist Laelanie Larach, Gallery of abstract art in Miami.

Details of the Abstract Butterfly Painting

Her wings are super colorful blended with all types of colors, red, yellow, orange and black!!! Creating a lovely balance inside the artwork. The concept of the butterfly painting is abstract with wild brush stokes and drastic combination of colors. Is a fun abstract painting to watch and makes an impact on any home decor. The intensity of the painting is amazing it really makes your thoughts go super wild!! Red and black are the dominant colors of the butterfly art, they blend perfectly together making it unique. The painting belongs to the summer collection that will be part for Art Basel at the art fair Spectrum Miami.

Colorful abstract painting, butterfly painting by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, art for sale by Honduran artist.

A neutral bedroom blends with the butterfly painting! It gives a pop of colors inside the space. Is always good to use colorful abstract paintings to create a positive energy in your home. I don’t like the idea of using boring paintings with no intensity of colors, is always fun to have an excited and exotic painting that will make your decor bloom! Each painting is original and stretched on canvas with unique high quality oils.If you are interested in the artwork send us an email or call the gallery! We will be super happy to hear from you.