Colorful Nautical Painting 

Original Fine Art by Miami based Artist Laelanie Larach 

“Let’s Sail Away” is the latest nautical oil painting from the collection SUMMER. Inspired by the beautiful oceans and cold winds during a stormy surreal night. In the painting you can appreciate a huge colorful sailboat that blends with the colors of his surroundings.
The waves in the nautical painting are very strong with different brush strokes and colors that falls in a vertical position with a cascade movement. The piece is a unique nautical painting different from a traditional nautical art of other artists.
Also check the beautiful American flag that moves with the wind spreading her red colors in the purple abstract sky.
Nautical paintings for sale by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, Fine Art Gallery of Abstract Paintings in Miami.

All the colorful nautical paintings in the Nautical Collection use bright colors while probing the mysteries, power, and varying moods of the ocean. Some of the nautical paintings depict tranquil seas, quiet sunsets, and tropical fantasies.  Other paintings reflects the turmoil of storm-tossed waves and the feeling of being lost at sea.  Still other paintings invoke the abstract concept of space itself as an ocean upon which boats sail through a nautical universe.

Miami based artist Laelanie Larach, Honduran Artist in Miami. Art for sale by the Artist.

Sailboat Painting – Abstract Style

The nautical painting has a lot of emotions blended in the blue ocean! A huge sailboat is the main focus in the colorful nautical painting.