Sexy Bold Colors

Art on Canvas

Lucky Eye Art,Abstract Paintings Miami Art.

Hot Colors 

I just love hot,bold colors when i’m painting…. i use it as therapy that helps me relax and express my emotions through the canvas. Blue is one of my favorite colors when i’m painting it really brings me peace!

Betta Fish Art Miami Laelanie Larach.

Blue and Purple Hues

Original Art by Laelanie Larach

Blue is a strong color and also brings me peace, several of my nautical paintings are rich in blue colors creating huge ocean waves that moves inside the artwork. Also i like to combine it with purple it really looks so hot and mystique!

Butterfly Art for Sale Miami, Laelanie Art Gallery.

Chilly Colors and Turquoise

Laelanie Art Gallery

Turquoise is another of my favorite hot colors, in the upper picture a black flower with huge petals has a dust of turquoise…. i know that’s a heavy contrast.. but i love the color combination of the entire artwork. As an artist i’m not afraid of using extreme contrasts…. i just love it they look bold and intense in my signature art style!

Exotic Art in Miami.

Exotic Art in Miami

OMG! This Buddha painting was an amazing experience to hand painted…. a commissioned painting for a very good client that told me she wanted a big buddha with a blue lotus flower. The concept is very strong with intense colors that pops out of the painting. Is almost so exotic and sexy as the same time!