Honduran Paintings for Sale

Latin Art by Artist Laelanie Larach

honduran art by artist laelanie larach

Beautiful Paintings 

Art inside the City of Doral Florida

Laelanie Art Gallery sells the best Honduran paintings of the talented artist Laelanie Larach! Born in Honduras… she brings that latin vibe to Miami Florida with her modern colorful paintings radiating positive energies, bright colors, flowers,sunsets and many more gorgeous natural themes. Inside her new art collection you will see a tropical art style with a lot of palm trees and lovely color combinations to enhance your home interiors.

Honduran Paintings for Sale

Online Honduran Art 

Decor your home with a unique art collection of gorgeous and colorful Honduran paintings from our art gallery located in Miami Florida. We have a nice collection with different themes that goes with any space inside your interiors. So go ahead and spice up those walls with the cool paintings of the artist Laelanie Larach! You can buy them online through our online art shop at www.laelanieart.com/shop or book your appointment to see your favorite latin modern paintings.

Latin American Art in Florida 

Honduras Paintings by Laelanie Larach

honduras art by artist laelanie larach
palm tree painting by artist laelanie larach
green palm trees art

New Honduran Paintings for Sale