Guitar Painting for Sale

Blue Guitar by Laelanie Larach

guitar painting miami artist laelanie larach blue guitar for sale

Exotic Blue Guitar Artwork

Abstract Art by Laelanie Larach

A unique blue guitar painting with an exotic curve playing around the latin beats inside the beautiful scenes of Miami Beach. This piece is the first blue guitar from the artist art collection. The exotic curves of the guitar blends perfectly with the background creating a lovely effect inside the painting.

guitar art for sale miami artist laelanie larach blue guitar painting

New Abstract Guitar Painting

Original Oil Painting for Sale

Are you looking to buy a lovely guitar painting for your bedroom? OMG you need to see the new oil painting “Magical Guitar” by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach! The painting shows a blue guitar with purple and turquoise abstract musical notes surrounding the guitar inside a surreal magical concept.

guitar painting for sale miami based artist laelanie larach electric guitar arts

Blue Guitar Painting for Sale