Cosmic Art and Blue Eyes

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Magical Blue Eye Art

Cosmic Art, Abstract Painting for Sale with Lucky Eyes.

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Oil Painting on Canvas

Art by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach 

“Blue Cosmic Energy” is the new original oil painting of Miami artist Laelanie Larach, her painting shows a blue eye with gold waterdrops falling in a surreal circular and spiral universe of magical thoughts and energy. The eye also represents luck that attracts positive energy that surrounds us! Cosmic energy is available at Laelanie Art Gallery located in Miami, Florida.

Turkish blue eye art, art for sale in Miami, Local miami artist Laelanie Larach.

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“Blue Cosmic Energy”

The artwork has a combination of modern styles with a fusion of spiral designs and gradients.Before you go to see other art galleries in Miami… you need to come first to Laelanie Art Gallery and see her amazing art collection that was a sensational hit during art basel miami.

Blue eye, turkish eye painting in Miami. Art available at Laelanie Art Gallery.

Blue Turkish Eye Art

Latin American Art 

The color blue is often used in the abstract paintings of the artist Laelanie Larach, the color makes her thoughts comfortable and relax during her painting process at her art studio. Blue cosmic energy is a very special oil painting… is the last piece painted for the year 2018.

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