Psychology of Colors in Hospitality Business

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Blue abstract paintings miami florida local miami artist laelanie larach

Blue is the color of peace and serenity. Studies showed that this color lowers blood pressure and heart beats. It is also the most productive color. Blue is an excellent choice for offices, bedrooms or even spas to keep visitors calm and relaxed.

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Red this color is known to stimulate emotions and positive energy, and also to promote appetite making it a super great choice for restaurants.

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Red Huge Abstract Art for Sale, Latin American Art Miami.

Orange just like red, is also an appetite stimulant. This intense color gives a warm and fun feeling. Orange could be a perfect color to create for a vitrine space for its ability to grab tourist attention.

Guitar painting for sale with abstract art style.
Abstract art for sale, coastal art alone in the ocean by Miami artist Laelanie Larach.

Purple gives a rich, luxurious and calming feeling. It is a good choice for a big hotel lobby to keep a positive feeling about a hotel.

Colors in Hospitality Business Miami

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