Colors for Summer Decor 

Hot Trendy Decor in Miami

Colorful abstract paintings are perfect for your summer decor! A splash of colors will uplift your mood and create a happy place for your summer decor! The nautical paintings of my collection …. have this trendy colors, bright and bold! Blue is the color that makes an impact on each nautical painting… they remind me of the ocean in Miami.

Summer colors for your Home Decor in Miami, Abstract paintings for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach.

Colorful Abstract Paintings

Your summer decor specially in Miami, must be bright and colorful! Don’t use those boring artwork with black and white tones…. Cause the trend right now are vivid colors!

Trendy Decor & Fine Art

Trendy colors of summer in Miami, abstract paintings for sale by Honduran artist Laelanie Larach.

Now you can shop online all your favorite original colorful paintings for your home decor! All the artwork is hot super latin and match perfectly with all contemporary interiors! Shop Today!!