Colorful Wooden Candlesticks 

Woodland is the new collection of wooden hand painted chandeliers and crosses with different bold colors and metallic tones. Each piece is hand painted carefully with different textures that makes it unique. The collection is hand painted by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach.


Colorful Wooden Candlesticks for Home Decor in Miami, Laelanie Art Gallery.

Blue and Gold is the top combination of the hand painted candlesticks! They are super colorful and chic for your home decor, it wall make your setting pop out! The wooden candlesticks are limited edition and the artist Laelanie Larach only made a few. Each candlestick has a unique design with bright colors making them exclusive in Miami.

Purple Wooden Candlesticks by Miami artist Laelanie Larach available at Laelanie Art Gallery. Fine Art Gallery in Miami.

Another super nice hand painted wooden candlestick is in deep metallic purple combined with gold tones. The candlestick has a texture combined with another materials. All the wooden candlesticks are available at the art gallery or you can order them online with free shipping included.

Metallic Candletsicks for Sale in Miami by Laelanie Larach, Fine Art Gallery in Miami. Wood Candlesticks.

Wood Candlesticks

Silver Candlesticks and Gold Candlesticks by Honduran artist Laelanie Larach

Love it? Which is your favorite Wood Candlestick?