Blue Ocean Artwork Online

Blue Ocean Artwork Online Coastal Art for Sale in Florida  Beautiful Ocean Art The lovely ocean artwork of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach is super Miami Beach, with those hot blue vibrant colors and exotic ocean waves riding along the beach in Florida. The coastal art collection is available for sale [...]

How to Buy Original Art Online

How to Buy Original Art Online Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Original Artwork for Sale Buy the best original artwork for sale at Laelanie Art Gallery, one of the best art galleries in Miami Florida. Her collection of colorful paintings are very unique and peculiar with hot colors and beautiful designs. If [...]

Ocean Paintings in Florida

Ocean Painting Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Ocean Art Original Ocean Paintings The abstract ocean painting title “Ocean Whisper” is a blue ocean painting with circles and textures !The ocean waves in the painting represents a fantasy inside a wave surrounded by bright navy blue. Around the central sphere have a circular [...]