Colorful Paintings by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach

New Colorful Paintings  Laelanie Art Gallery Abstract Orange Painting Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach The painting has drastic contrasts with orange and reds! In the center of the colorful painting a blue eye pops out... a symbol of good luck and positive vibes! The design is very arabic... it shows the [...]

New Cool Paintings at Laelanie Art Gallery

New Cool Paintings Original Colorful Paintings for Sale  Colorful Paintings  Honduran Art Online for Sale  Buy online the coolest paintings in Miami Florida by the talented artist Laelanie Larach, her new painting is a chess board with wild colors! A golden and silver dripping moves across the painting creating a tridimensional [...]

Home Decor with Laelanie Art Gallery

Home Decor with Laelanie Art Gallery Latin American Art  Modern Paintings by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Beach Home Decor Fine Art The exotic latin american art of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach is super hot for your home decor! The vibrant bold colors in her oil paintings will create a [...]

Colorful Flower Art Miami

Abstract Flower Art  Latin American Art  Exclusive Oil Paintings  Artwork by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Contemporary latin american art by Larach, her paintings speaks in different perspectives,emotions and colors! Each one is hand painted using colorful oils with different themes, like a blue oceans with abstract waves and bright sunsets. [...]

Hand of Fatima Art for Sale

Hand of Fatima Art Original Artwork for Sale  Pink and Yellow Hamsa Hand Artwork  Top Latin Art in Miami  The Hand of Fatima dates back thousands of years and was a sign used by those who were superstitious and wanted protection against any negative energies. The symbol over the years has [...]

Art for Sale in Miami by Laelanie Larach

Art for Sale in Miami Latin American Art  Original Colorful Art for Sale  Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Unique art for sale available at Laelanie Art Gallery located in the area of Miami Florida. The artwork is hand painted by the artist Laelanie Larach, her hispanic influence inspired her to create [...]

Latin American Fine Art in Miami

Latin American Fine Art  Original Latin Art for your Home Decor  Our collection of Latin American Art is colorful and unique, inspired by the tropical forest of Honduras and memories of the artist. Each painting is one of a kind made with the finest oils in the art industry. Abstract [...]

New Nautical Oil Painting for Sale by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Colorful Nautical Painting  Original Fine Art by Miami based Artist Laelanie Larach  "Let's Sail Away" is the latest nautical oil painting from the collection SUMMER. Inspired by the beautiful oceans and cold winds during a stormy surreal night. In the painting you can appreciate a huge colorful sailboat that blends [...]

Guitar Painting by Honduran Artist Laelanie Larach

Blue Guitar Painting  Original Fine Art by Laelanie Larach  Since little i always love to see my father playing his guitar, it inspired me to paint a surreal blue guitar with bold colors that reminds me the love i have for music and beautiful moments blended with music. The guitar painting is unique and [...]

Trendy Hot Colors for Summer by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Trendy Hot Colors for Summer in Miami Original Colorful Fine Art in Miami Summer is the perfect time to break out fresh colorful paintings in your home. Get the latest picks for the top shades of the summer! Bold yet playful, cobalt blue makes a statement without feeling abrasive.! [...]

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