Palm Tree Art

Palm Tree Art Abstract Palm Tree Painting for Sale Unique Latin Paintings Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Inside the new art collection of Miami artist Laelanie Larach, you will see abstract palm trees with large leafs flying around in a deep magical forest of colors. Decor your home with palm tree [...]

Palm Trees Paintings for Sale

Palm Trees Paintings for Sale Abstract Art by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach Blue Palm Trees Art Laelanie Art Gallery  The abstract artwork shows a magical forest of blue palm trees, dancing with the wind of the blue ocean during a cold night in Miami Beach. The style of the oil painting [...]

Abstract Hamsa Hand Art for Sale

Abstract Hamsa Hand Art for Sale Art by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach  Modern Painting for Sale  Colorful Hamsa Hand Art A colorful hamsa hand painting with beautiful colors under a lovely abstract blue background surrounded by positive energy and happiness.Is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. [...]

New Abstract Painting Hamsa Hand by Laelanie Larach

New Abstract Painting Art by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Colorful Artwork  Laelanie Art Gallery  The new artwork of Miami based artist Laelanie Larach is title "Colorful Hamsa Hand" inspired by the beautiful energy and goodluck charm! The colors of the painting are super colorful with fierce contrast of blue, white,red [...]

Original Paintings for Sale by Laelanie Larach

Original Paintings for Sale  Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach Pink Hamsa Hand Abstract Art  New Artwork for Sale A unique abstract painting for sale of an exotic hamsa hand in pink and red colors! A lovely painting that represents good luck and positive energies! This piece is super exclusive at our [...]

Abstract Sunflower Painting

Abstract Sunflower Painting  Hypnotic Sunflower Fine Arts in Miami Florida  Colorful Flower Painting  A lovely yellow sunflower with vivid bright colors, emerge under a turquoise background of hypnotic swirls! The color combination of the sunflower painting is fierce and tropical using an abstract art style and hand painted with oils. [...]

Abstract Hamsa Hand Painting

Abstract Hamsa Hand Painting Pink Hamsa Hand by Laelanie Larach Modern Latin American Art Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach  The Hand of Fatima dates back thousands of years and was a sign used by those who were superstitious and wanted protection against any negative energy. The symbol over the years has [...]

Arte Abstracto en Doral Miami

Arte Abstracto en Doral Miami Cuadros al Oleo Modernos Laelanie Art Gallery Artista Laelanie Larach  Arte abstracto muy trendy en Miami por la artista Laelanie Larach! Sus cuadros son hechos al oleo usando colores vibrantes y coloridos sobre canvas. Cada obra es original con un diseno abstracto moderno perfecto para decorar [...]

Guitar Art for Sale

Guitar Art for Sale  Latin American Art in Miami Colorful Wall Art  Abstract Guitar Painting for Sale  "Leaving with my Guitar" is a unique guitar painting by Miami based artist Laelanie Larach available at Laelanie Art Gallery. The artwork shows an abstract red guitar that vanish in a turquoise background of [...]

Decor your Home with Art

Modern Abstract Art for your Home Decor Beautiful Paintings with Style Modern Homes with Honduran Art Original Artwork for Sale  A modern home with colorful abstract art is a perfect combination, but more special when you are buying a painting from the artist Laelanie Larach! A one of a kind abstract [...]