We who live in Miami love the bright energy that permeates the multicultural metropolitan area.  I have tried to capture that energy with the bright and varied colors and gradients that characterize my artwork.

First, color theory is actually a science.  There are many different moods and emotions that colors can create and evoke.

The three bright primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, evoke energy and positive emotions.  When you combine any two of the primary hues you get three new mixtures called secondary colors. In reality, we can think of the three secondary colors as the children of the primaries.  For example, combining yellow and red produces orange.  Red and blue, when combined, produce violet or purple.  And blue and yellow when combined produce green.  Each of these three secondary colors has its own energy and emotions.  And then we have the tertiary colors.  When you mix a primary and its nearest secondary you create six new mixtures called tertiaries.  Think of the six tertiary colors as the grandchildren of the primaries.  They are as follows:

Yellow + Orange = YELLOW-ORANGE
Red + Orange = RED-ORANGE
Red + Violet = RED-VIOLET
Blue + Violet = BLUE-VIOLET
Blue + Green = BLUE-GREEN
Yellow + Green = YELLOW-GREEN

All of this produces twelve basic colors which the artist is able to mix in an endless variety of hues, tints, gradients, tones, and shades to achieve the desired effect.

One way to use color for dramatic effect is to place a work of colorful art in a small room, such as a hallway, powder room, or bath.  Small rooms in a home are a good place to experiment with bold color on the wall.  With larger spaces, a brightly colored painting, print, or photograph can serve as a focal point for the space around it.  Other objects of art can then be placed around the focal piece, either harmoniously or eclectically, depending on the owner’s preference.

I was born in Honduras, and it was that country’s beautiful combination of mountains, tropical forests, and sandy beaches that inspired me at a young age to begin experimenting with artistic expression using vibrant tropical colors.  I am now based in Miami, Florida, where I again draw inspiration from the cultural and topographical diversity of south Florida, including the many moods of the Atlantic Ocean, the sandy beaches, the many islands and coral cays, and the mysterious Everglades.  In addition to oil painting, I have expanded my work into prints of my original paintings, artistic photography, and commissioned portraiture.  With regard to that portraiture, created by interpreting a series of photographs provided to me for the work, the clients have expressed amazement over the precision with which I have been able to capture not only the exact likeness but also the inner character of the subjects.

I invite you to view my artwork now exhibited at our art gallery in Miami or online.

  • "A Sweet Escape to the Sea"

Art Gallery in Miami of Fine Art

Art is so important in my life,it has a huge impact on my soul cause it’s a powerful form of expression and it allows me to convey or demonstrate deeply-held feelings; it opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in my abstract paintings.

A certificate is provided with all the paintings I create. It states the following:

– The painting’s name and dimensions
– The artist’s name (myself) and the fact that it is hand-made
– The media used
– My signature and Year

Shipping & Handling

The paintings are professionally packaged with 1/2″ bubble wrap and polyfoam sheets where necessary. The paintings are then placed inside a double-wall corrugated box for added security and ‘FRAGILE’ stickers are placed over the box. UPS is in charge of the packing.

USA Customers: All paintings are sent via UPS, which takes it 2-5 business days to arrive to US destinations. Please note that there are no custom fees on original artwork to the US.

Free Shipping Included in U.S.A.

All International Shippings the client pays a fee. Kindly contact the art gallery for more information.

If you have any questions about the delivery and shipment of your order, please contact us at info@laelanielarach.com

Ph: 305.342.4037