Art Basel – Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Home Design and Remodeling Show / Solo Exhibit /Mana Wynwood Convention Center/ March 1-3 (2019)

Spectrum Miami/ Art Basel / Solo Exhibit Booth 642/December 5-December 9 (2018)

Home Design and Remodeling Show / Solo Exhibit Booth 1032-1034 /Miami Beach Convention Center/ April 6-8 (2018)

Spectrum Miami/ Art Basel / Solo Exhibit Booth S1003/December 6-December 10 (2017)

Spectrum Miami/ Art Basel / Solo Exhibit Booth 825/November 30-December4th (2016)

The Chocolate & Art Show/ March 17-18th (2016)

Spectrum Miami/ Art Basel/ Nepal Mural/ December 6th- December 8th

Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show/ Solo Art Exhibit / Miami Beach Convention Center /September 4th-8th (2015)

The Chocolate & Art Show, Miami FL / June 26 (2015)

The Void – LMNT Gallery, Miami, FL  / February 27 (2015)

Nabu Home Gallery / January – March (2015)

Nabu Home/Art Basel / December 1 (2014)

LMNT presents Elixir / Oct 3rd (2014)

Art Exhibition at Vizcayne /Downtown Artdays/ September 19 (2014)

Vargas Gallery/South Florida Group Exhibition/ July3rd – August 31st (2014)

Raw Miami/Mosaic Exhibition at LMNT Gallery / March 20th (2014)

Collective Art Exhibition at Art Center Wynwood/ Dec 10th 2013- January 8th (2014)

For Artists by Artists /Digital Exhibition at Haven South Beach / Dec 15th.(2013)

Art Center Wynwood ,Miami Florida/ Nov 7th – Dec 8th (2013)

For Artists by Artists /Digital Exhibition at Haven South Beach / Dec 8th.(2013)

Miami River Art Fair 2013, Basel Week / Dec 6th- 8th (2013)

For Artists by Artists/Art Basel Live Art Show at South Beach Marriott/ Dec 6th (2013)

Digital Collective Exhibition at Scope Art Fair (Art Takes Miami) / Dec 3 – 8th (2013)

For Artists by Artists /Made Women/ Live Art Show at South Beach Marriott / Oct 10th.(2013)

Digital Exhibition Creatives Rising, NYC / Oct 5th (2013)

For Artists by Artists Live Art Show at South Beach Marriott / Sept 12th (2013)

For Artists by Artists /Digital Exhibition at Haven South Beach / June 23rd.(2013)

Art at the Marina Blue/ May 7th – June 17 (2013)

Raw Miami/Marvel at LMNT Gallery/ April 26th ( 2013)

Meet the Artists at the Claridge Hotel, Miami Fl/ April 26( 2013)

Liz Von Hoene Photoshoot for Velux, NYC/ April 10th (2013)

“Journey into the Soul” Art Fusion Galleries / January 12th- March 18th (2013)

Art Takes Miami, Digital Exhibition / See Me / (2012)

Covers for the Cold Fundraiser benefiting Camillus House/ Dec 14th (2012)

Elite Fine Art Gallery-Art Basel Season / Dec 8th ( 2012)

Epic Hotel Area 31/ Dec 5th,(2012)

Epic Hotel Area 31 /Nov 21 ( 2012)

Brickell Art Walk- Latinos Unidos / Nov 10th (2012)

Pardos Solo Exhibition / Nov 2nd (2012)

Stepping Out for the Arts Luncheon / Oct18th (2012)

Downtown Art Days-Mary Brickell Village / Sept 6,7-8th ( 2012)

Brickell Art Walk / Sept 25th (2012)

Art Takes Times Square,NYC /June 18th (2012)

Expoventa Arte y Paz ,Honduras/ Sept 01 (2011)

Innovacion at Hilton Hotel, Honduras / Aug 25th (2011)

Mujeres Artistas,Honduras / May 4th (2010)

Exhibition at Centro Cultural Sampedrano/ April 20th (2010)

Photography Exhibition at CCS/ Sept 3th (2010)

Galeria Maymo, Honduras/ June 18th (2010)

Galeria Botticelli, Honduras / Feb 7th (2010)

Art Basel 2017 - Laelanie Larach
Spectrum Miami 2016 at Art Basel.
Miami based artist, Buddha painting.
Miami based artist Laelanie Larach
Art Basel Miami Laelanie Larach Abstract Art

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Behind every picture there is a concept and a story, art opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in one piece.

Miami based artist Laelanie Larach - Contemporary Art Gallery

Miami Artist Laelanie Larach

Bold colors and vibrant sunsets is Miami based artist Laelanie Larach signature style in her paintings. The concept she often use is very latin with a contemporary modern style on each painting blended with natural forests,flowers and nautical themes that reminds her beautiful country of origin Honduras.

The artist has also been part of Art Basel “Spectrum Miami” one of the important art fairs in Miami, her artwork is recognize worldwide in the art industry and collectors. Miami based artist Laelanie Larach also sells her unique contemporary paintings online each painting is original combined with vibrant colors giving that summer touch to your home decor.

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Home Remodeling Show and Art Exhibit Laelanie Larach, Miami Based Artist. Latin Art Miami.

Art Basel Miami

Spectrum Miami 2018

Art Basel Miami 2018, Laelanie Art Gallery,Spectrum Miami art show.

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Art Basel Miami 2018, Art Shows by Miami Artist Laelanie Larach.

Art Basel Miami

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Art Basel Miami,Art Fairs Miami, Artist Laelanie Larach.

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