Trending Colors in 2018

Colors that will be Trending in 2018  Yellow, Purple and Blue are the Colors for your Interior Decor  The trend will include intense colors, instead of soft pastels! Finally is like music to my ears to all the bold colors lovers! Intense colors are fun to use on a home decor, specially [...]

Where to Buy Original Paintings in Miami

Original Fine Art in Miami  Are you looking to buy original paintings for your home decor?  Beautiful original fine art for sale in Miami for your Home decor! The paintings at our art gallery are abstract paintings with a unique design and concepts. The original art of the artist is [...]

Original Butterfly Painting by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Butterfly Painting Original Abstract Painting by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach  Original colorful painting title "Magical Butterfly" hand painted with the finest oils. A beautiful abstract butterfly spread her wings in a colorful background of magical thoughts. In the corner a black flower with huge petals emerge from the canvas with [...]

Art for Sale in Miami

Art For Sale in Miami and Latin Fine Art  Original Fine Art by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach    The abstract paintings of the artist, are super colorful and vivid with positive energy! Each original painting is different and unique with a lot of emotions representing her latin culture and the love of [...]

Colors for Summer Decor & Nautical Paintings in Miami

Colors for Summer Decor  Hot Trendy Decor in Miami Colorful abstract paintings are perfect for your summer decor! A splash of colors will uplift your mood and create a happy place for your summer decor! The nautical paintings of my collection .... have this trendy colors, bright and bold! Blue is the [...]

Decor Your Home With Bold Colors | Laelanie Art Gallery – Contemporary Original Art in Miami

Decor Your Home With Bold Colors Original Fine Art by Honduran Artist Laelanie Larach  Ready to take a twist into bold colors? Follow these tips and tricks for decorating with bold colors and your rooms will look stylish, vibrant, and unique. Go ahead do impact your home decor with colorful artwork using [...]

Emotions, Family and Art

Emotions & Art I'm creating this blog to help other artists that might have problems with there family members.  Some of the most common signs are: Lack of empathy, understanding, and sensitivity at certain family members, while expressing extreme empathy towards one or more members who have real or perceived "special needs". In [...]

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New Nautical Oil Painting for Sale by Miami Based Artist Laelanie Larach

Colorful Nautical Painting  Original Fine Art by Miami based Artist Laelanie Larach  "Let's Sail Away" is the latest nautical oil painting from the collection SUMMER. Inspired by the beautiful oceans and cold winds during a stormy surreal night. In the painting you can appreciate a huge colorful sailboat that blends [...]

Lo mas trendy para decorar tu casa con pinturas coloridas al oleo

Estilos Trendy Con Cuadros Coloridos al Oleo! La tendencia para este verano es usar colores vivos, radiantes, positivos que alegran cualquier espacio en tu casa! El color anaranjado esta muy de moda lo puedes combinar con otros colores como el rojo, amarillo... son colores super tropicales! Cuando tienes un espacio con muebles neutrales usar  [...]

Guitar Painting by Honduran Artist Laelanie Larach

Blue Guitar Painting  Original Fine Art by Laelanie Larach  Since little i always love to see my father playing his guitar, it inspired me to paint a surreal blue guitar with bold colors that reminds me the love i have for music and beautiful moments blended with music. The guitar painting is unique and [...]